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Bonta F1

A new unique hybrid watermelon of the Crimson Sweet type with super early maturity. The vigorous, healthy vine provides good fruit cover. The rind is resilient, dark green in color, with dark stripes. The flesh is firm, crisp, deep red in color and of excellent eating quality (very sweet and flavorful). The fruit are nearly perfectly round in shape, averaging 22 x 25 cm in size and 7 – 8 kg in weight, depending on the growing conditions. The hybrid is notable for extremely high uniformity of its fruit and unique dark color of the rind, resulting in exceptional marketability and newly harvested appearance of the product. The resilient rind of this watermelon hybrid makes it an excellent shipper. Suitable for extra early production of watermelons, including that under plastic cover or using agricultural fleece.

Colloseo F1

One of the most popular hybrids in the early-maturity segment. Round fruit, slightly elongated. Dark-green color with intense dark-green spotted stripes. Excellent sunburn protection. The flesh is deep red in color, exceptional taste quality. High yield potential.

Melania F1

A new hybrid of mid-early maturity (80-85 days since sowing). The vigorous fruit cover protects it from the sunburn. Fruits have elongate form 23x41cm and weigh 9-12 kilos. Green color with dark-green wide stripes on the cover. Flesh is deep red color, crispy and with unimaginable taste, little seeds. Widely adapted hybrid, which allows farmers to always get high yield. Recommended for getting production for main season.