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Indeterminate, pink, fresh market

Pink Girl F1

An early-maturing tomato hybrid with a high yield potential. Produces pink, flattened globe-shaped fruit averaging 230-280 g in weight. The fruit surface is smooth. Resistant to Verticillium wilt (V-1), Fusarium wilt (race 1), Alternaria stem canker (ASC) and Gray leaf spot (St, Stemphylium). A good choice for production of top-quality tomatoes on farms and out-of-town plots, in heated and non-heated greenhouses, as well as in the open field.

Pandarosa F1

New, early, pink-fruit hybrid. Matures in 68-70 days after sowing. Vigorous plants, big leaves, well-developed root-system. Big fruits, 210-230 g, with attractive pink coloring. Flat-round form. Has higher density and transportability than other hybrids in its segment. Due to its resistance to a range of diseases, fruit’s performance is excellent under a variety of different conditions. Resistant to Fusarium crown and Root rot, Leaf mold (Cladosporium fulvum, races 3, 5) of tomatoes, Nematode, Tobacco Mosaic Virus (Strains 0-2), Fusarium wilt (Races 1, 2) and Verticillium wilt. Suitable for growing in plastic and glass greenhouses.