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Sweet pepper

Aristotle X3R F1

A new extremely productive sweet pepper hybrid. Matures in approximately 70-75 days after transplanting, depending on the growing conditions. The plant is vigorous, with an upright, open growth habit. Produces blocky, thick-walled fruit averaging 13 x 11 cm in size. Most of the fruit are 4 lobed. The fruit mature from a nice glossy green to a very intense red color at full ripeness, have exceptional eating qualities and are second to none in appearance. Resistant to Bacterial spot (Races 1-3), Potato virus Y (Strain 0) and Tobamovirus (Pathotype P0). Suitable for cultivation in the open field and in plastic film greenhouses.

Favilla F1

Highly productive hybrid, suitable for both open-field and plastic greenhouse growing. Vigorous plant with excellent fruit set and covering. Fruits are uniform, elongated cube form, high-quality, smooth and dense. Very thick skin and excellent taste. Color varies from dark-green at industrial ripeness changing to deep red at full maturity. Resistant to Tobacco mosaic virus (Tobamo virus P0, P1, P1.2), Tobacco etch virus (TEV) and Bacterial black spot. Due to its strong root-system is resistant to temperature drops and stress conditions. Recommended for growing in plastic greenhouses and on the open field for middle season production.

Flexum F1

New, very early-maturing hybrid of Hungarian type pepper that is suitable for getting extra early production in greenhouses and in the open field. Vigorous plant, tolerant to stress conditions. Fruits of an exceptional quality, conical form, 16-17 cm in length and 5-7 cm in diameter, with thick skin. Middle weight of the fruit is 100 g. Color varies from white to ivory at industrial ripeness and red in full maturity. Resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus.

Red Knight X3R F1

A mid-early season sweet pepper hybrid. Matures in 65-70 days after transplanting. The sturdy, vigorous plant produces very large 3-4 lobed blocky fruit measuring 11 x 11 cm. The fruit color varies from dark green at industrial ripeness to bright red at full maturity. A widely adapted hybrid yielding a high percentage of high-quality fruit. Resistant to Bacterial spot (BST, races 1, 2 and 3) and Potato virus Y (strain 0). Suitable for cultivation in glasshouses, plastic film greenhouses, under plastic cover and in the open field.

Gypsy F1

A very early and extremely productive hybrid. Matures in 60 days after transplanting. Plants have a compact growth habit and a height of 45-55 cm. Fruits measuring 10x6 cm and similar to Podarok Moldovi in shape, have a great flavor and are light-yellow at industrial ripeness and red at full maturity. Resistant to Tobacco mosaic virus. Planting density : 40,000 pl/ha. Recommended for very early production in glass greenhouses, plastic film greenhouses and in the open field.

Kaptur F1

Extremely high-yielding hybrid with considerable size of the fruits in the segment of Kapia. Fruits are preserved well on plant. Exceptional flexibility. High amount of brix. Perfect for grilling. Long term storage without any loss of quality. Recommended for growing in open field.

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