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Squash and Scallop

Eskenderany F1

A very early and extremely high-yielding squash hybrid. Plant type is a compact bush.Cylindrical fruits averaging 18-20 cm in length have very bright light green skin and white flesh. Produces fruit till early fall frosts. Suitable for cultivation both in the open field and under plastic tunnel for extra early production..

Scilly F1

A new unique squash hybrid (zucchini). The plant is compact, vigorous, with an open growth habit. Produces fruit of attractive cylindrical shape measuring 18–21 cm in length. The fruit has light green skin with white spots and white flesh. Intermediate resistance (IR) to Zucchini Yellow Mosaic Virus (ZYMV) and Watermelon Mosaic Virus (WMV). Suitable for spring, summer and, particularly, autumn culture in the open field. The recommended plant density is 9,000 plants per hectare. Due to its resistance to viral diseases, yields highly marketable squashes in southern regions of the Ukraine and Moldova during summer and autumn months – something which is impossible when using regular squash varieties..