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Balstar F1

A new high-yielding winter onion hybrid. Suitable for extra early production in early spring. The plant features an aggressive root system and good leaf cover. Produces globe-shaped bulbs that average 150–250 g in weight depending on the growing conditions. The skin is light brown. Market-ready bulbs are produced in late May-early June. The green tops may be cut for bunching from early or mid-May. Sowing date is of critical importance. The optimum sowing date for Ukraine is 20–25 August. Too early sowing reduces winter hardiness. Too late sowing contributes to bolting susceptibility. Intermediate resistance (IR) to Pink root rot and Fusarium basal rot. Good tolerance to bolting. The recommended seeding rate is 1.2–1.5 million seeds per hectare. Suitable for cultivation in all growing areas of Ukraine and Moldova. .