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Bibo F1

A very early-maturing and extremely productive eggplant hybrid with unique white color of fruit. Plants feature an open habit, short internodes and extensive root system. Responds well to high fertilizer application rates. Produces very uniform, teardrop-shaped fruit measuring 8 x 18 cm and averaging 300-400 g in weight. The fruit have snow-white skin and white, bitter free flesh of exceptional eating quality. Field tolerance to Fusarium wilt. The recommended planting density is 20,000-25,000 pl/ha. Suitable for cultivation in heated and unheated plastic film greenhouses and in the open field.

Epic F1

A high-yielding eggplant hybrid. The plant is vigorous, growing to a height of 90 cm. Widely adaptable. Over a number of years, Epic F1 has shown itself to be a very reliable performer. Produces teardrop-shaped fruit measuring 10 x 21 cm. The fruit have purple-black skin and white flesh. Resistant to Tobacco mosaic virus. The recommended planting density is 18,000-22,000 pl/ha. Suitable for cultivation under plastic cover and in the open field.

Valentina F1

Very early and productive hybrid. Maintains stable productivity through harsh external conditions. The plant grows up to 85 cm. Elongated fruits, 5 x 26 cm in size, very uniform, of exellent quality. Skin is dark-violet, white flesh, bitter free. The recommended planting density is 18-20 thousand plants/ha. Suitable for growing on the open field and in film greenhouses.