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Sweet corn

Signet F1

A new extra early sweet corn hybrid. Matures 70–72 days after sowing. The SHY type. The plant grows to a height of 160–175 cm. Produces nice ears measuring 19–20 cm in length and having 16–18 rows of kernels. Excellent ear uniformity and well filled ear tip at full maturity. Very tender and juicy kernels are of exceptional eating quality. The recommended plant density is 60,000–65,000 plants per hectare. Suitable for the fresh market, including for an extra early crop under fleece.

Trophy F1

An extra early sweet corn hybrid with outstanding eating qualities. Matures in 75 days from sowing. The Supersweet (SHY) type. The plant grows to a height of 190 cm. The ears measure 20-22 cm in length. Recommended planting density is 55,000-60,000 pl/ha. Suitable for fresh market and processing.