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Kerdous F1

One of the most popular hybrids that is suitable for both protected ground and open-field production and also for Autumn harvest as a second culture after early-harvested yield. Matures in 65-75 days from transplanting. Forms nice, white round high-quality head, separated in small inflorescences. The plant is vigorous and features a tight wrap. Suitable for fresh market. Recommended planting density 25-35 thousand pl/ha.

Freedom F1

New high-quality hybrid, change for widely-known Fremont. Matures in 68-72 days from transplanting. Has the ability to form standard heads even in dry and hot weather. Due to unique uniform heads it is possible to make an accurate harvesting plan. Snow-white heads. Recommended planting density 20-30 thousand pl/ha, depending on the conditions. For Autumn culture little thickening is possible (35-38 / ha). A good choice for Spring-Summer and Summer-Autumn cropping.

Frontina F1

A new generation hybrid. Suitable mostly for Summer-Autumn season. Matures in 87-92 days from transplanting. Vigorous plant, with standing leaves. Has beautiful, round, dense and heavy uniform heads. Features a very tight wrap. Suitable for both fresh market and processing. Recommended planting density is 25-35 thousand pl/ha.

Fortaleza F1

Cauliflower hybrid of a new generation. High-yielding hybrid for growing under different climatic conditions. The plant has a good force of growing. Suitable for cultivation in the summer-autumn period. Heads of a domed shape, smooth, weighing up to 2 kg, ideally white. Perfect for all types of processing and freezing. The density of standing is 28-33 thousand plants/ha.