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Abaco F1

A Kuroda type carrot hybrid with a typical Chantenay root shape. Harvestable in 110 days from sowing. The tops are very strong, with excellent field tolerance to Alternaria: resistant to Alternaria leaf blight (IR). The roots have uniform deep orange interior color. The average root length is 18-20 cm. High breakage tolerance throughout the crop season. Good bolting tolerance. Suitable for early production. Particularly well suited for the processing industry due to its color being much more intense than in many other carrot varieties. The recommended seeding rate is 0.6-0.8 million seeds per hectare (1.0-1.5 million seeds per hectare for cello packs)..

Victoria F1

An extra early hybrid. Matures in 80 - 85 days from sowing. Ready for bunching in 70 – 75 days. Vigorous plants featuring upright tops with medium fine leaves. The roots are very uniform, cylindrical in shape, short, with blunt tip, and average 18 – 20 cm in length, depending on the density of planting and soil type. Deep red-orange interior color and small kernel. Resistant to Alternaria leaf blight (intermediate resistance). Excellent bolting tolerance in spring sowings. Suitable for early cropping, especially on excessively heavy soils where other carrots with roots longer than Chantenay cannot grow. A good choice for processing industry due to a far more intense color than in other carrot varieties. Recommended planting density: 600,000 – 800,000 pl/ha.

Carboli F1

New outstanding Nantes type hybrid. Matures in 115-120 days after sowing. Forms beautiful root-crops 21-23 cm length. Has exceptional bolting tolerance that allows machine harvesting. Resistant to Alternaria leaf blight and powedery mildew. Suitable for getting high-quality production in both Spring-Summer and Summer-Autumn seasons for long-term storage.

Carvejo F1

Very early and highly-productive Nantes type hybrid. Matures in 85-95 days after transplanting. Forms roots of a cylindrical form, 17-20 cm in length. Roots are vigorous, uniform, smooth on touch and with obtuse ending. Exceptionally high amount of commercial yield due to high bolting tolerance ( 15% higher than sorts-competitors have). Suitable for both early-production for and fresh market and Summer sowing for long-term storage.

SV 3118 DH F1

A new highly-productive Shantane type hybrid. Matures in 83-85 days after planting. Forms root-crops 16-18 cm length and 4-5 cm diameter of and has a cylindrical form that narrows to the rounded ending. Root-crops are high bolting tolerance, very odorant, high-quality taste and with outstanding crunchiness and juiciness. Thick haulm that is able to stay through extreme and changing weather conditions. Suitable for both early and middle production, fresh market, conversion and long-term storage. Recommended planting density: 0.6-0.8 mil pl/ha.