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Exhibition in Lviv (28.11.2017)

Isida-2012 was presented on the second international exhibition EuroAGRO-2017. The event took place in Lviv on November 28-30. The company ...

Seminar in villages Ozernoie and Utkonosovka (25.11.2017/26.11.2017)

On November 25 and 26, in the Southern part of Odessa district, Isida-2012 organized the seminars for vegetable growers in ...

Seminar in Odessa Agricultural University (22.11.2017)

On November 22, one more significant meeting took place in Odessa Agricultural University. The director of the farm Triumf-Agro, Gontsov ...

Seminar in Odessa (03.11.2017)

On November 3, Isida-2012, the official distributor of Seminis in Ukraine, organized the training seminar for the employees of Rosko ...

Field Day in Kakhovka region (15.09.2017)

On September 15, Isida-2012, the official distributor of Seminis in Ukraine, together with the UHBDP (Ukraine Horticulture Business Development Project) ...

Field day in Mirniy v. (11.08.2017)

On the 11th of August, on the Odessa prairies, in the village of Mirniy, an annual field day was held ...

Field day in Malokahovka (04.08.2017)

On the 4th of August, in Malokahovka village, Kherson region, around the fields of Konovalchuk a Field day was held ...

Seminar for students (11.07.2017)

On July 11, the demonstration site of Isida-2012, the official distributor of Seminis, was visited by students of the Odessa ...

Seminar on the demo-field 11.07.2016

11.07.2017 the company "Isida-2012" held a regular seminar with partners and clients. Among the presented vegetable cultures, the guests of ...

Seminar on the demo-field 06.07.2016

06.07.2017 the company Isida-2012 held a seminar on the topic "Perspective hybrids for growing in open and closed ground". Our ...

Seminar on the demo-field 30.06.2016

June 30, 2017 at the test site of the company "Ishida-2012" Seminar on the topic "Perspective hybrids from the company ...

Seminar on the demo-field 29.06.2016

June 29, 2017, Isida-2012 held a seminar on technologies for growing vegetables for open and closed soil. The leading agronomist ...

Seminar on the demo-field 27.06.2016

In June 2017, Isida-2012 opened the summer season for conducting seminars on a test demonstration site. On June 27, 2017, ...

Seminar in Vinnitskie Hutora (27.02.2017)

02.27.2017 company Isida-2012 - the official representative of Seminis in Ukraine, company Agrobolik - organic biostimulator, company BTUcentre- biotechnology in ...

Seminar in Voznesensk (25.02.2017)

At noon of the 25th of February, near the House of Culture of Voznesensk, unusual movement began . Local farmers, ...

Seminar in Snihurivka (14.02.2017)

On the 14 of February in the village of Snihurivka, Lanovetsky district, Ternopil region, was held a seminar on the ...

Workshop in Lutsk (01.02.2017)

There was a workshop held on the 1st of February, 2017,in Lutsk, that was initiated into the training of "Magnat ...

Seminar in v. Troitske (21.01.2017)

The company Isida-2012 held a seminar entitled "New hybrids of the company Seminis», 21.01.2017, in v. Troitske. The seminar took ...

Seminar in v. Kidry (21.12.2016)

21/12/2016 company Isis in 2012, together with companies "Sammіt-Agro Ukraine" and "VІTERA Ukraine" held a seminar entitled "innovative Seminis hybrids ...

Seminar in Nova Kakhovka (16.12.2016)

16.12.2016 companies Isida 2012 and BASF held a seminar in the city of Nova Kakhovka. The main theme of the ...

Seminar in Zakarpattia (13.12.2016)

Dear Vegetable Growers! The company "Isida - 2012", the official distributor of the world leader in the production of vegetable ...

Seminar in v. Ozernoe (27.11.2016)

On the 27th of November, the company "Isida-2012" held a seminar in Ozernoe village, Odessa region., on "Specifics of Seminis ...

Monsanto Conference in Kiev

On the 18th of November, 2016, in Kiev, there was a conference held between Seminis brand dealers. Monsanto Company, shared ...

Annual exhibition “Seeds and Implements”

An annual exhibition "Seeds and implements" was held in the middle of the fall, in the old city of Lviv, ...

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Field Day in Kahovka (10.06.2016)

On the 10th of June, 2016, there was held an annual Field Day for growers of the South region of ...

Field Day in Odessa 05.08.2016

Isida-2012, the official representative of Seminis in Ukraine, held another traditional Field Day in Odessa. Such activities carried out by ...

Field Day in Kahovka 29.07.2016

On the 29th of July, in Malokahovka , Herson region, a Field Day was held. Its main purpose was to ...

Field day in Odessa (07.06.2016)

On the 7th of June, 2016, a field day was held by “Isida-2012”, official Seminis distributor in Ukraine. The event ...

Seminar on the demo-field 07.07.2016

On the 7th of July, a regular seminar was held, that has already become a tradition for Isida-2012 Customers. The ...
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Seminar on the demo-field 04.07.2016

On the 4th of June another seminar was held on the demo-field of Isida-2012. Once again, visitors have shown their ...

Seminar for Students 29.03.2016

On the 29th of March, 2016, a demo-field that belongs to “Isida-2012”, an official Seminis distributor in Ukraine, was visited ...

Seminar 29.06.2016

In the continuation of our systematic workshops, on the 29 of June Isida-2012 held a meeting-seminar with vegetable growers of ...

Seminar on the demo-field 21.07.2016

One more time Isida-2012 welcomes People who are willing to know more in agro-sphere. Leading agronomist Viktor Novitskiy held an ...

Seminar on the demo-field 20.06.2016

On the test field of Isida-2012, the official representative of Seminis in Ukraine, regular introductory seminars are held for our ...