Field day in Odessa (07.06.2016)

On the 7th of June, 2016, a field day was held by “Isida-2012”, official Seminis distributor in Ukraine.

The event took place on the production-field of one of the largest vegetable grower in Odessa region.

Field Day was visited by people from different regions of Ukraine. And they were shown next samples:

Hybrids of early cabbage Pandion, Hermes and Zenith

Hybrids of carrots Victoria, Abaco and the new 3118 hybrid

Increasingly popular among manufacturers and costumers cucumber hybrids 3506 and 4097.

All shown samples caused genuine interest among the audience, that was able to SEE hybrids, of which they heard of so much.


In continuation of the Field Day leading Isida-2012 agronomist-consultant Victor Novitsky and representative of the Kakhovsky region Valery Pomaznyuk told about the technology and features of growing winter onions Balstar F1. The hybrid shows excellent flexibility, productivity and earliness. For several years already, Balstar has been showing outstanding results and that the visitors noticed that. On that exact field, the hybrid has shown productivity of 56 t/ha, what really impressed the growers.


At the end of the event, everybody was sharing their emotions and impressions.


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