Field day in Mirniy v. (11.08.2017)

On the 11th of August, on the Odessa prairies, in the village of Mirniy, an annual field day was held by companies Isida-2012 – the official Seminis distributor, BASF – technologies for crop protection and Yara – crop fertilization. As always, despite the seminar was held in the Odessa region, there were guests coming from all over Ukraine. Based on the enterprises of LLC “Yugagropererabotka” and the farm “Pan Bilan” a whole line of excellent onions was demonstrated, from early onions to onions intended for long-term storage. The guests were shown the new tomato hybrids in all segments, from field cherry tomatoes to pink greenhouse tomatoes, and an impressive range of vegetable crops from Isida-2012. A delicious lunch and already a traditional prize drawing, from participating companies, followed the seminar. The event was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

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