Field day in Malokahovka (04.08.2017)

On the 4th of August, in Malokahovka village, Kherson region, around the fields of Konovalchuk a Field day was held. Once more, colorful flags of world-famous agricultural companies – Seminis, BASF, and Yara were fluttering in the wind. And that meant that an annual field day for the farmers of Kherson region and guests from all around Ukraine was about to start.
In spite of insanely hot weather (up to 40 degrees Celsius), guests were interested and focused on the new collection of the company Isida-2012 – pepper, eggplant and tomatoes of all forms and colors; bright-fleshed watermelons and shining bulbs of brown, golden, yellow, red and white onion satisfying the tempted look of the guests.
In a continuation, Yara explained how to achieve high yield of the hybrids and BASF concluded the part by showing how to protect those hybrids.
As always, there were lots of questions, answers and open discussions, as well as a tasty lunch, prize drawing, smiles, laughter and good mood.

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