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Field Day in Kahovka 29.07.2016

On the 29th of July, in Malokahovka , Herson region, a Field Day was held. Its main purpose was to show the growing technology of plants in open-field and greenhouses, and the information provided is exceptionally useful for the growers all around Ukraine.

The event was visited by a lot of Guests that came from all around Ukraine that have made their way through hundreds of kilometers to discover new growing trends and to consult with experts to get answers for their questions.

Also, the Participants had a chance to discover a lot of important information from our Spanish Colleague, Enrique Parales, who shared his unique experience and  growing trends with anyone interested.

There was an exhibition of the Isida-2012 collection. Leading agronomists Victor Novitsky and Viktor Vasin presented the key range of Seminis hybrids, especially innovations that are expected on the market soon, such as: watermelon Bonta F1- which is the choice in its segment due to its aroma, taste and product quality, unique white eggplant Bibo F1, that becomes more and more popular each year due to its outstanding taste quality, highly productive cubic-pepper hybrid Aristotle, the new Kapia type pepper, a range of tomatoes for open-field and greenhouse production, carrot, etc.

Company «BASF» perfectly made a presentation on vegetable crops protection from pests, diseases and weeds, and has demonstrated all of the actions of drugs on arrays of crop of tomatoes, onions, carrots.

The day ended with a timely and tasty lunch, which was filled with friendly atmosphere and active discussions. Also, there was held a drawing of valuable prizes.