Annual exhibition “Seeds and Implements”


An annual exhibition “Seeds and implements” was held in the middle of the fall, in the old city of Lviv, from 19 to 21 October. The company “Isida 2012” with great pleasure took an active part in this event. Farmers and Growers have shown their genuine interest in the exhibition stand of “Isida 2012”, where a collection of middle-early cabbage hybrids that impress Farmers with its productivity, potential and stability for a long time has been presented. These are Vestri F1 -number one for pickling, and Atria F1 – standard of productivity. Furthermore, guests of the event noted for long storage Ammon F1 and Fundaxy F1, which have a strong root system and tolerance to thrips damage, red cabbage Roxy F1, and with excellent long-term storage capacity for cauliflower Frontina F1. The collection included a Shantane type carrot hybrid Abaco F1, which has already established itself in the West, on the fields of leading enterprises in Lviv region and satisfies Growers with good harvest. A collection of bronze, white, red onions has attracted a range of farmers who are now heading for the cultivation of high-yielding onion hybrids.

A separate exhibition area was assigned to all the partners of the company, “Isis-2012”, which are grown vegetables, processed them into tomato paste, juice, pickled, fermented, canned, namely: “From Grandma’s beds”, “Chumak”, “Veres”, ” Sandora “,” Gourmet “,” Brestenko Ltd. – “Pickled vegetables.”

The exhibition was held for the Dealers of scientific and practical seminar “Together for a successful vegetable growing”, which was attended by dealers from all regions of Western Ukraine.


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