About us

Isida-2012 is an official distributor of Seminis – the world’s leader in seed production and sales – in Ukraine. The company staff have been actively engaged in testing and introduction of Seminis vegetable varieties and hybrids for over 20 years.

All the varieties and hybrids offered by the company have been properly tested in company’s own test and demonstration fields, as well as in production fields of national leading truck farms. All of them have been entered in the National Registry of Ukraine.

We see it as our mission to meet the demand for high-quality seeds of advanced vegetable varieties and hybrids allowing industrial farms as well as commercial and individual vegetable growers to produce large volumes of ecologically clean farm products of excellent eating qualities, packed with vitamins and other essential nutrients.

It is our firm belief that what we are doing is not just another business; it is a life-long commitment to help our vegetable growers provide consumers with fresh, flavorful and healthy veggies, while achieving high economic targets on the way. That is what is so gratifying about our work.